Completed Project

Research Program Consortium on Health System Economics & Financing

Agency : Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA

Team Manasee Mishra, Debjani Barman, Upasona Ghosh, Arnab Mandal, Rittika Brahmachari, Sivaji Bose, Baisakhi Mandal

The improvement in the situation in low and middle-income countries is critical to the development goals that the world community has set for itself. Evidence informed policy and practice is vital to bringing about such change. The Future Health Systems (FHS) project was a multi-country research consortium supported by DFID, UK. The consortium started in 2006. It was led by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA. IIHMR was the India based partner. The project was broad in its scope. It sought to generate evidence that can contribute to effective and equitable health systems. It had an active component for promoting the uptake of the research findings among relevant stakeholders. It had successfully highlighted various issues including the informal healthcare market, the vulnerability due to climatic shocks and inequity in access to healthcare. The Indian Sundarbans has been the study site for many studies conducted for this project. Child health in the Indian Sundarbans was a focus of the project.

FHS was in its extension phase. There was consolidation of the learnings of the earlier years during this phase. Generation of various knowledge products (e.g. journal articles, blogs, research briefs) and promotion of the learnings with stakeholders was accelerated. The endeavor in the extension phase was to show how issues observed in the Indian Sundarbans were common to other disadvantaged areas in India and abroad.