Completed Project

Rajasthan: Health Scenario, Health System interventions and Cost-Benefit Studies

Agency : copenhagen consensus


Rajasthan State is situated in the north-western part of India and belongs to a group designated as High Focus States under the National Rural Health Mission (2005-12). These states were identified by NRHM for focused interventions based on poor health indicators. The State’s health indicators – infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate and total fertility rate – are poor compared to the National average (NFHS 4). About one-third of the population of the state belongs to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes, which traditionally have lower health indicators. Also, the western Rajasthan is desert, which has a low population density. This makes healthcare delivery quite a challenging task in this part of the State. At current levels of health indicators, the State has an uphill task to achieve SDG goal 3 in the next 12 years. Hence, it is of utmost importance for the State to realign its efforts, resources, and healthcare programme interventions to enhance the pace of change and simultaneously address the issue of quality, access, and equity.

In this context, India Consensus partnered with the State Government of Rajasthan to undertake cost-benefit studies of potential healthcare interventions which were identified and prioritized through a process of stakeholder consultations. The interventions are:

i). Strengthening basic and surgical capacities to reduce maternal and neonatal deaths;

ii). Improving emergency referral management using 108 ambulance services; and

iii). Family planning interventions.

The study findings show that investment in these interventions would have benefit-cost ratios of 9.7, 8.8, 3.3 and 32 for improved maternal and neonatal care, improved emergency response in urban and rural areas and improved family planning respectively. These analyses reveal that investment in these interventions would improve allocative efficiency and help in strengthening public health services in the state.