Completed Project

Integrated Road Traffic Injuries Surveillance India (IRIS-India)

Agency : Indian Council of Medical Research

Team Dr. D. K. Mangal, Dr. Mohan Bairwa, Dr. Anoop Khanna, Dr. V. D. Sinha (Head, Neurosurgery), SMS Medical College, Dr. L. N. Pandey (State Nodal Officer–Transport Dept), Dr. Sameer Phadnis (Scientist B), Kaushal Prajapati

The IRIS – India was initiated with a broad objective to establish an electronic-based comprehensive and integrated road traffic injuries (RTI) surveillance system, to assess the burden of RTI, its risk factors, and outcomes across rural and urban settings of major cities in India. This study was conducted in two metro (Chennai and Delhi) and three other major cities (Chittor, Dehradun, and Jaipur) located across the country. In Jaipur center, SMS Hospital, Barala Hospital (Chomu), and two subcentres (Sirasali and Jaitpura) were included.

Objective/s of the Project:

  • To design an online electronic-based RTI surveillance system (mobile app) that enables the capture of RTI data from various sources.
  • To conduct a situation analysis of data sources, systems, and quality for RTIs.
  • To assess the facilities available for pre-hospital and trauma care in the district including for emergency transport system (e.g. EMRI 108) and their utilization.
  • To describe the availability and utilization pattern of existing facilities for post-crash and emergency care at various levels of the health system in both urban and rural areas.
  • To describe the burden of road traffic accidents and its epidemiological factors including the outcome.
  • To describe factors associated with RTI of serious nature.