Ongoing Projects

Household Out-of-Pocket Expenditure Survey in Rajasthan

Agency : WHO

IIHMR University is conducting a Household Out-of-Pocket Survey in Rajasthan supported by World Health Organization (WHO). The major purpose of this study is to understand the current level and nature of Out-of-Pocket Expenditure (OOPE) for healthcare in Rajasthan. The survey will include 5000 sampled households from 33 districts of the state from June to September 2023. The study will inform the impact of government schemes and initiatives in reducing OPPE. The study will help to provide the most recent estimate of such expenditures (the last available estimates being from the 75th National Sample Survey, 2018). Moreover, the survey will feed into a larger body of work being undertaken by the WHO India Country Office for the Government of Rajasthan on the institutionalization of health accounts exercise within the state. The availability of the most recent estimates of OOPE will be essential to provide robust health accounts in the state and to ensure evidence-based policy in the time ahead.  

Training has been organized for field teams to collect data from the household level to start the survey.