Ongoing Project

Pilot for Longitudinal study on Life of Truck Drivers in India

Agency : Transport Corporation of India Limited

Team Dr. Anoop Khanna, Dr. J.P. Singh, VB Tripathi

Transport industry plays an important role in driving economic growth of India. With 6 million truck drivers in India, the trucking industry represents a notable proportion of the labor force (2.5 percent). It is generally the dropouts from schools or from the poor families join this profession primarily as a Cleaner and later learn driving to be called as truck driver. However, these truck drivers lead a very miserable life. Most drivers do not own the truck, they work "on their own" or in an autonomous way on an average of 12.7 hours per day, which has important implications for health and quality of life. They are underpaid and don’t have any proper time for their food and sleep/ rest. There is need to understand different dimensions of their life to design interventions.

Objective/s of the Project: The broad objective of this study is to pilot the design of longitudinal study that would provide comprehensive information base on the life of truck drivers in India. This will be on different domains of the life of truck drivers, including demographic, socio-economic, family and social life, road safety awareness, perceptions and practices, health conditions, and risk behaviors (like alcohol consumption, drug use and sexual behavior, etc.)