Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Discharge Time, Cash Discharge, Credit Discharge, Unplanned Discharge, Planned Discharge, Time Motion Study, Strategies To Reduce Discharge Time.

Objective : The objectives of the study were: • To review the discharge process in a hospital. 95 • To identify step/point of delays in the discharge process of hospital against the standard time • To analyze the discharge process of the hospital and find out the challenges at each step of the process • To suggest strategies to reduce time taken for processing discharge, if required.

Background : Discharge is referred to as when the patient is free to return to home after his/ her period of recovery at the hospital. It is the most significant moment for a patient as they are now free of the ailment which affected them and can return to their normal life and duties. It’s also a crucial moment for the hospital as a hospital can make or break its reputation due to ill planned discharge process. A discharge focused bed strategy can increase inpatient volume without a subsequent increase in cost for the Hospital which can be a substantial improvement for the Hospital and it can also help hospitals better market themselves.

Methodology : A time motion study was done and patients’ records were followed and the existing process was reviewed. It was a cross sectional study as data was collected from all six units of the hospital. The study was conducted at Apollo BSR hospital during a period of 3 months from 10th February to 30th April, 2014. Study respondents were Nurse, discharge pool staff, duty doctors and administrative staff. A sample of 300 patients was selected randomly during a period of 2 months i.e. 11 February 2014 to 11April 2014. The goal was to follow minimum 50% of discharges occurring in the hospital every day.

Findings : The average discharge time for the hospital was found to be about four hours as compared to the standard time of two hours. The data was analyzed according to Cash patients, Credit Patients, unplanned Discharges and Planed discharges the discharge time was found to be 3.6 hrs. 4.2 hrs. 4.1 And 3.4 hrs respectively