Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Training Need Analysis, TNA, ICU, Nursing Care, Nursing Training

Recommendations : An intensive care unit is a specialized area of a hospital where patients’ serious illnesses or injuries receive special medical and nursing care. ICU nurses are highly knowledgeable and skilled health care professionals that work in an ICU in association with members of the hospital team to provide optimum patient care. The purpose of critical care training is to enhance patients’ safety. ICU nurses need critical care specialist training to work effectively in intensive care unit. Nurses in specialty training for intensive care and emergency nursing must be trained in ICU under the supervision of sufficient training employees. They should not be seen as alternate for regular intensive care nursing staff but may be progressively assigned to patient care according to their actual intensity of training. The aim of the present research is to study training practices need for ICU nurses followed in Burjeel hospital located at Abu Dhabi, UAE. This study gives idea about training needs and training programs carried in the ICU for Registered Nurses (RN) and Practical Nurses (PN) Hospital management should design training programs which help to enhance the knowledge and skills of its ICU nurses. The findings of this research focus on a variety of critical care training programs The study revealed that the RN & PN nurses need to undergo training majorly for below mentioned clinical as well some administrative topics: • Cardiac Rhythms/ ECG Interpretation • Ventilator Modes and setting • Critical Care management • BLS & ACLS • Wound care management • ABG Interpretation • Pharmacology of commonly used medicines • Protocol for end of life care Most of registered nurses and practical nurses think that their quality of work performance is good and are satisfied with their work performance.