Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Housekeeping Staff, Utilization of Housekeeping Staff, IPD, Discharge Process

Objective : • To study process flows of IPD as well as other departments. • To find the areas of delay in discharge process and their reasons. • To streamline the discharge process reducing the time for discharges

Background : For any organization the most important and primary concern is patient’s satisfaction. Delay in discharges is a major concern for any hospital; it just not affects patient satisfaction level but also financially costs the organization. This study emphasizes on delays occurring in discharges in the hospital. It will be a prospective study of sample size of 140 patients, which covered all types of patients admitted in all the IPD floors of the hospital. A stream lined discharge process can reduce the average length of stay of a patient benefiting the hospital as well as the patient. As soon as the patient is advised for discharge the first thought is to leave the hospital as soon as possible and get back to their home.

Methodology : • Data source: Data will be collected on routine basis from in–patients department, discharges taking place in hospital at the time of study. • Type of study: Cross-sectional, prospective and analytical Lean study. • Study area: Soni Manipal Hospital, Jaipur • Duration of study: 3 months • Sample size: Patients (140) • Sampling Method: Purposive simple random sampling.

Findings : Hospital discharge process is not very efficient and patient has to wait a long in the process. If we see the average discharge process time of all the floors in the hospital, then Turnaround Time (TAT) for the patient is 4hrs 27mins and TAT for the hospital is 4hrs 51mins.TAT for the Hospital also includes the time taken to clean the bed by housekeeping department and making that bed ready for the next patient.

Recommendations : From the analysis it was found that there are various areas where there is delay in the discharge due to multiple reasons. Discharges are not taken as seriously as they should be taken. The importance of the time factor is not taken in to consideration as a major criteria, preference is given to the in patients neglecting the patients that need to be discharged. The other important factor was accountability of the job and its importance.