Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Ward Secretary (WS), Medical Transcriptionist (MT), Time Allocation Approach, Work Allocation Approach

Objective : The objectives of the study were to analyze the existing job description of the ward secretary and medical transcriptionist, to evaluate the current activities performed by the ward secretary and medical transcriptionist, to compare the standards set by hospital with the time taken by ward secretary and medical transcriptionist to perform those activities and to recommend measures for utilization of MT & WS and implement them.

Background : For a 1200 bedded Multi- specialty hospital, catering to the needs of the people not only across the country but globally, it becomes vital to provide best quality of services to all the in-patients as well as the out-patients. To provide the best services it is very important to have appropriate manpower and even more important to utilize the existing manpower in the most effective manner. Ward secretary and medical transcriptionist have vital role in this hospital related to maintenance of nursing station, communication with patients, discharge counseling, handling queries of patient from time to time etc. Since they perform activities that can lead to patient dissatisfaction, their complete utilization is utmost importance.

Methodology : A Descriptive and exploratory study design was used and the data thus collected using semi-structured questionnaire was analyzed using the time allocation and work allocation approach.

Findings : Analysis of the data collected revealed the overall utilization of ward secretaries and medical transcriptionists across the in-patient department i.e. 48.8% and 73.6% respectively. The data also revealed that one of the in- patient area does have a dedicated ward secretary and 7 out of 13 jobs mentioned in job description of ward secretary were performed by floor managers, discharge counseling being the maximum.

Recommendations : Utilization of manpower as per set standards would lead to increased patient satisfaction (Discharge time Reduction), reduction in overlapping of work, increased employee satisfaction & reduction in loss of revenue for the hospital as well. It is recommended that accountability, responsibility and role of ward secretaries in discharge process should be enhanced and the discharge summaries of the patient should be finalized a day prior to discharge.