Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Patient Discharge; Discharge Advice; Standardized Discharge Advice

Objective : The basic objectives behind this project were as follows: • To observe and discuss the discharge advice preparation process. • To do the root cause analysis of problems encountered in patient discharge advice preparation. • To find the components to be included in patient discharge advice by literature review and discussion with relevant staff. • To develop a discharge advice evaluation instrument. • To evaluate the discharge advice of five main specialities of hospital and assess the gap. • To develop the patient discharge advice template. • To suggest measure to improve the quality of discharge advice.

Background : Variation in discharge advice given by doctor and discharge advice content or missing to mention few instructions in discharge advice results in adverse outcome. It not only leads to the situation full of confusion and incomplete information but this may also results into readmission of patients due to unclearness about medication, side effects of medication, and when and how precautions and care to be taken. Standardization of hospital discharge advice will not only streamline various information but will also result in proper follow up and care taken by patient itself. This ultimately will also lead to increase patient satisfaction.

Methodology : Descriptive analytical research on the basis of observation, discussions, Non probability purposive sampling. Total 400 sample to be collected, divided among specific specialty as 68 for Cardiac vascular thoracic surgery ,116 for Cardiology, 76 for Orthopedics , 64 for Neurosurgery, 61 for Minimal access surgery, for 15 Vascular surgery. Both types of data, quantitative & qualitative were collected. Compliance and non compliance level in patient discharge advice.( month of March and April)was collected. Data was collected by observations, discussions, literature review and audit of discharge advice

Findings : The CVTS is the specialty with lowest compliance with 51% of compliance level where as Orthopaedics compliance level is the highest with 67% among the entire six selected specialty for the study.

Recommendations : Discharge advice is a guide for patient care outside the hospital setting. Discharge advice preparation is a process which involves the participation of all concerned parties. Discharge advice if given in a planned and systematic way will surely enhance the quality of treatment given to the patient and will result in early as well as without any adverse event recovery from the ailment.