Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Supplementary Nutrition; Non Formal Preschool Education; Health Checkup; Immunization; Referral Services; Nutrition and Health Education

Objective : 1. To assess the current status of knowledge of Anganwadi Workers regarding the services delivered under the ICDS programme. 2. To identify the key areas of knowledge requiring capacity building of Anganwadi Workers.

Background : AWW are the key players to enhance services of ICDS at grass root level. Evidences suggest that Anganwadi workers are unable to deliver services to the beneficiaries due to lack of knowledge regarding ICDS services. Present study makes an attempt to understand the knowledge of AWWs on services provided under ICDS.

Methodology : Present study is a Descriptive study which was carried out for two months. 150 AWWs were selected from 3 blocks of Patan District. Blocks were selected randomly. 50 AWWs were selected from each of the 3 Blocks of Patan District to study the current status of knowledge among the Anganwadi Workers regarding the services delivered under the ICDS programme.

Findings : Majority of them require training in specific areas like how much calories and proteins is to be given to normal child, malnourished child and pregnant women. Though majority of them have undergone induction and orientation training along with refresher training and have received practical experience during training but overall there is no significant effect shown in their knowledge about services provided. AWWs have adequate knowledge of non formal preschool education, heath checkup and nutritional and health education component. The study findings indicate need of building the capacity of AWWs especially on almost all the aspects of supplementary nutrition, correct dose and timing of various vaccines under immunization and referral services components of ICDS