Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Hospital Discharge Process; Delays in Discharge Process; In-Patient; Patient Satisfaction

This dissertation enumerates and describes the key reasons for the delay in discharge process of In-patient, at GMCHRC Ajman. Finally proposing the recommendations to be implemented which shall help in reducing the discharge time. The Discharge Process at GMCHRC, Ajman, UAE, was one of the main grounds, which lead to the significant decrease in patient satisfaction and increase in Average Length of Stay of In-patients, which is not beneficial to the Hospital. Thus, an Observational Analytical study was conducted over a period of 18 days, the primary data collected gave a sample size- n= 650 (In- patients). Starting with the Discharge Process Mapping, two flowcharts were prepared, one Self-Payments and second for Insurance patients. Discharge Tracking Tool was designed and the nurses, Patient Affairs Department