Abstract of Dissertation

  • Keyword : Atrial Fibrillation (AF); Eliquis; Treatment days; CAGR
  • Objective : To develop the Forecast model flow for Eliquis to assess the number of patients, revenues and overall growth in Germany till 2018
  • Background : In the last 20 years, atrial fibrillation (AF) has become one of the most important public health problems and a significant cause of increasing health care costs in western countries. The prevalence of AF is increasing due to our greater ability to treat chronic cardiac and noncardiac diseases, and the improved ability to suspect and diagnose AF. At the present time, the prevalence of AF (2%) is double that reported in the last decade Europe is more than double that reported just one decade earlier ranging from 1.9% in Italy, Iceland, and England to 2.3% in Germany and 2.9% in Sweden
  • Methodology : Secondary Data Analysis was done by selecting the data points from secondary data sources and flow was developed in MS Excel
  • Findings : The number of NOAC patients from 2013-2018 are increasing by 8% CAGR and the Eliquis treatment days market share is expected to increase till 40% by Dec 18 from 0% in Jan 13 and revenues are expected to reach by $ 376 Million in Dec 18 from $18 Million in Jan 13 with CAGR of 52%.