Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Marketing Strategies; Potential Indirect Customers; Marketing Planning; Hospital Planning

Objective : : To identify and develop marketing strategies for indirect customers. Specific objectives: • To study the existing facilities/services and indirect customers of the hospital • To study the expectations, complaints of indirect customers and existing marketing strategies of the hospital

Background : : The study was undertaken at Jaypee Hospital, Noida, to identify the potential customers of the hospital and develop marketing strategies after understanding their expectations & satisfaction level. First of all, the indirect customers were categorised into three groups: 1. Patient's attendants (family members, friends, other relatives) 2. Employees of the hospital (clinical & non-clinical staff, front office & administrative staff) 3. Corporate clients (suppliers, insurance, companies, mass media etc.)

Methodology : It was a cross sectional study in which primary and secondary data was used. Data was collected through questionnaire, interview schedule and observation list. First of all, in order to identify the indirect customers, informal discussions were held with doctors of various departments, registration staff and marketing department. A study of internal organizational records was done. Observation of OPD functionality, type of visitors and also interviews with patients was done. Macro data on hospital marketing was collected from literature review, internet and marketing department of the hospital. These indirect customers were interviewed and on the basis of study objectives, questionnaires were developed. Through the designed questionnaire, satisfaction level of the clients and their expectations from the hospital were generated. SWOT analysis of Jaypee hospital was also done.

Findings : 1. A perusal of internet records of the organisation and informal discussions with doctors, registration staff and marketing department brought out the fact that the maximum footfall of patients was in cardiology, orthopaedics and general surgery departments. Also opinion of the attendant is valuable since he is a potential customer. So, after brainstorming sessions with director, department heads, it was decided that the study should be focussed on three categories of indirect customers i.e. patient’s attendants, employees of the hospital and corporate clients. 2. Findings from the questionnaire filled by the three categories of indirect customers showed that hospital services needed to be upgraded i. People were satisfied with the state of the art medical facilities being offered, skill of consultants, cleanliness, good access to drinking water, clean toilet facilities & efficiently managed healthcare services. ii. Dissatisfaction was regarding behaviour of nurses, consultant punctuality, lack of TV, newspapers, magazines in waiting area and lengthy admission & discharge process. iii. Marketing team of Jaypee hospital is organizing free health checkups camps, conducting seminars, workshops and organising stall in health fairs, giving ads in newspapers and on hospital website, displaying hoardings, billboard and tie-ups with corporate bodies to promote the hospital

Recommendations : : In order to increase outreach to customers it is suggested that Jaypee hospital be empanelled with insurance companies and corporate companies and also foreign patient facilitators are locked in. By holding conferences, CMEs or seminars, interaction with General Practioners, targeting NGOs, schools and universities, effective feedback system and getting international accreditation, CRM, offering special packages/rates etc will increase the number of referred patients and motivate internal employees.