Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Nursing Education; Nursing Research; Experience and Challenges

Objective : The objectives of the present study were 1) To analyze the current scenario of nursing education in the North Eastern Region of India and 2) To identify and analyze the major problems and challenges related to nursing education in the North Eastern States of India.

Background : The term Nursing Research is defined as the systematic, objective process of analyzing phenomena of importance to nursing. Nursing Research includes all studies concerning nursing practice, nursing education, and nursing administration. Also, studies concerning nurses themselves are included in the broad category of Nursing Research. This research focuses on nursing education in North Eastern Region (NER) of India. NER consists of seven states: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur and Tripura

Methodology : The type of the study is exploratory in nature. Study population for the present research work is female in the age group 16-20 years in North Eastern States of India. The present study is based on secondary data. The relevant information is collected using secondary sources. Secondary Data required for the study is collected by through various reports and related documents on nursing education. Data analysis is done with the help of Ms Excel. The results are presented in the form of Tables and Graphs through frequencies and percentages

Findings : a) there is a shortage of nursing institutes present in the North Eastern Region of India as compared to the number of courses being offered in these states. b) Total number of seats present for nursing education is not sufficient as compared to the total number of females willing to take up nursing education. c) Major part of the population willing to pursue nursing come from rural areas. This causes a great hindrance in providing them with proper nursing Education

Recommendations : It is clear from the above mentioned facts that there is an abysmal gap between what exists and what actually should be there in relation to the number of nursing institutes and total number of seats present Option 1: It is proposed that a network of Hospitals across India would reserve a certain number of seats for students from the North East; to begin with from Manipur. These seats could be reserved for the ANM / GNM / BSc / MSc course, as deemed appropriate. Option 2: It is proposed that the existing four year BSc Nursing programme is re-structured such that the first two years focus on theory (and practical in Labs; soft skills) and the next two years focus on clinical practice (as a Nursing Assistant at an empanelled hospital, outside the North East Region).