Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Social Marketing; Marketing Strategy; Critical Analysis; Hospital Marketing

Objective : To compare the social media marketing strategy with the best hospitals online and try and implement these strategies and more for Thumbay Hospital, Dubai as well

Background : Social media marketing by hospitals has now become a convention. More than 90% of the hospitals are now on facebook. Most of the hospitals has also made their mark on twitter, linkedin, google+ and blogs. Hospitals have either in house or outsourced digital marketing teams which handle social network pages and websites for the hospital. Hospital marketing online is now considered as one of its core strategies in order to attract patients. Thumbay Hospital being in its nascent stages of growth has to keep an open mind about marketing online as has to go a long way in creating a stronghold on the web2.0.

Methodology : The data was gathered as reviewed information extracted from the studies and articles of different authors who worked on analyzing the social media marketing strategies in and out of healthcare. The data was than analyzed and contrived in and out of healthcare. The data was then analyzed and contrived into the current article.

Findings : Cleveland Clinic’s Approach to social media marketing was defined by one of the members of the social media marketing team as a meaningful. Helpful part people’s everyday lives when they aren’t need our services. Social media is used by Cleveland Clinic to build a relationship with healthcare consumers that transcends time and space. They say that if they are a part of your life when you are well, perhaps you will consider coming here when you need care. Social media marketing in healthcare is more appropriate when it comes to being a helpful friend for the common man. Subscribing to a particular page would mean that you are subscribing to content which is relevant for you.

Recommendations : Consumers are busy and consumed by the stresses they face each day. They are looking to healthcare providers for help and answers. Offering up social media posts that focus inward on your own organization typically will not be as engaging as content that provided an immediate personal pay-off.