Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Integrated Delivery Networks; Metropolitan Statistical Areas; Key Account Management

Objective : 1) To Identify 20 MSAs 2) To identify IDN and Account (Provider type) information along with parameters such as Beds, Admissions, outpatients for each MSA 3) To prepare the lists of calculated number of beds, admissions and outpatient for each IDN within a given MSA 4) To identify top 5 and top 10 MSA’s and the percentage share these IDNs capture in given MSA

Background : IDNs bring together groups of hospitals, out-patient facilities, and providers to deliver a continuum of care and improve healthcare performance through their distinct policies and practices. They are of two types: a) Vertical Combinations which include primary care physicians (PCPs), strategic alliances with physicians in physician-hospital organizations (PHOs) and management services organizations (MSOs), and the development of health maintenance organizations (HMOs), b) Horizontal Combinations which include: the formation of multihospital systems, mergers, and strategic alliances with neighboring hospitals to form local networks.

Methodology : The methodology included identification of the top 20 MSA’s on the basis of population through secondary research and data bases available. After that the data for concentration of IDN’s at the MSA level which included names of IDN’s, their account names, relationships, account types, city and no. of beds, admissions and outpatients which led to a preliminary list. Having done that, the child entities were captured for each MSA and the flags were defined for three entities: MSA ID’s, MSA and Accounts. In this step flags were added to the various entities in the complete data set sheet using “V- Look up technique” and finally the segregated list was prepared. Having applied conditions for the names of MSA(should be one of the assigned symbol)),account type ( should be no. 24),the IDN Identity no.(should match the ID’s which we have provided them with), the total count of beds,outpatients and admissions was done using “SUM IFS”

Findings : The graphs were prepared and the charts clearly showed the consolidation of IDN’s. The figures clearly indicated the market being driven by certain key players.

Recommendations : The top 5 and top 10 IDN’s have been identified for various MSA’s.The sales representatives must try and capture these markets. Secondly, the transactional relationship model must be changed to key account management models