Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Physical Health; Psychological Health Shift; Malnutritional Company

Objective : • To assess the relationship of the shift timings on the physical health of employees currently working for the ‘X Project’ at ABC Consulting, Bengaluru, India. • To assess the relationship of shift timings on the psychological health of the employees working in the ‘X Project’ using a standard DAS21 scale.

Background : According to the ILO (1990), working in shifts is “a method of organization of working time in which workers succeed one another at the workplace so that the establishment can operate longer than the hours of work of individual workers” at different daily and night hours. Within the broad category of shift work, we can make a distinction between a fixed shift system and a rotating one. Working in the shifts predisposes the individuals towards the various side effects of work hour’s timings. Hence a study was thus conducted at a multinational company located at Bengaluru, India for a project which required the employees to work in an evening shift for a US based client.

Methodology : The study period for the research study was from Feburary,2015 to April 2015. The sample population was of one fifty employees out of which fifty were chosen through simple random sampling. It was an analytical type of study design wherein a detailed questionnaire was prepared to assess the physical health of the employees and a standard scale called DAS21 scale was utilized for assessing the psychological health of the employees. For ascertaining the relationship between the timings and the study groups t- test was applied at various places and the results were concluded.

Findings : It was found that there is a relationship of the timings on the physical health but not on the overall psychological health of the employees

Recommendations : The following elements incorporated as a part of work culture has helped the organization to be committed towards its people and hence is rated amongst the top companies of the world to work for: - • Individual based work system management. • Complimentary offs for the employees devoting extra hours towards work commitments. • Regular psychological counselling sessions. • Introduction of ‘Myteam’ groups where the employees can share their own experiences and difficulties encountered during working. • Introduction of an internal networking system which can allow the employees to directly approach the leadership. • Continuous involvement of the leadership with the individuals working with the project to motivate and praise their accomplishments.