Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Patient Waiting Time; Patient Pathway; Bottleneck; Inefficiencies

Objective : i) To know the bottlenecks in the Out-Patient Department. ii) Measure the turnaround time of process. iii) To provide suggestions for reducing wait time and inefficiencies along patient pathway.

Background : This study was carried out in Vasan Eye Care Hospital, Gurgaon. Vasan Eye Care network has been handling 6 million patients every year. It has over 170 eye care hospitals in India. Vasan Eye Care needed visibility on the challenges faced by both clients and staff at the eye care hospital (based in Gurgaon). The hospital is facing downtimes to improve the patient experience by eliminating waiting in hospital outpatient department.

Methodology : Descriptive study was performed over the period of 2 months. Primary data collected in the form of observations, standard format/checklist for Turnaround time and informal interviews with patients and employees and patient satisfaction form. Secondary data including Health object records of out-patients, data on medical records etc.

Findings : Out of total number of patients (250), almost 75% patients are waiting for more than average time of 15 minutes for refraction. Out of total number of patients dilated (170), almost 81% patients are waiting for more than average time of 35-40 minutes. Ideal time for consultation per patient is 5-15 minutes according to hospital norms but around 51% cases were seen more than the ideal time. Ideal time for counselling according to hospital norms is 15-25 mines per patient but maximum patients i.e. 77% are counselled 30 minutes and above. ideally patient should leave hospital within 30 minutes (without dilation) to 1 hour duration (with dilation) but maximum patients i.e. 80% are leaving beyond the ideal time.

Recommendations : Earlier, the business of Vasan Eye Care Hospital (based in Gurgaon) was getting impacted due to reduction in satisfaction levels of its patients and lack of motivation among internal staff. Based on the research analysis + survey conducted with a sample of 250 patients and working staff, the key factors (bottlenecks/ inefficiencies) impacting the business and brand image of the hospital were identified in three broad areas – Process, Infrastructure, Staffing. As per the recommendations provided in next slide, hospital need to improve the processes, some infrastructure need to be developed for doctors and optometrist and specific targeted hiring need to be done. The changes proposed would have a positive impact on satisfaction levels of patients and internal staff, thereby improving the brand image in the market.