Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Discharge Process; DMAIC Approach; Quality of Care; Healthcare Facility

Objective : To analyze and improve discharge process and find out reasons of delay in discharge time in the hospital. Objectives of the study: • To study discharge process flow in the hospital and time taken at each step. • To find out reasons of delay • To streamline discharge process

Background : Discharge by definition is to formally terminate a patient care, and releasing him/her from hospital or healthcare facility. A patient is discharged only when he/she has recovered fully or satisfactorily according to the concerned physician. Discharge is a very complex process it involves several stakeholder. It is one of the major key factor for patient satisfaction and revenue generation for Hospitals.

Methodology : Study design is operation research and primary data is collected from wards, typing pool, TPA, billing departments and secondary data is collected from the registers in wards. Limitations: The study limitation was only for two months and control phase is still in process. This study will help the Hospital administrators and policy planners in expediting decision about the implementation of six sigma Methods to improve the Quality of care in Hospitals.

Findings : This study validated the application of Six Sigma DMAIC methods to reduce and optimize the patients discharge process and on average there was decrease in the 4 hours to 2 hours for cash patients and 5hr to 4 hr for corporate patients and 6 to 5 hr for TPA patients As result of this breakthrough improvement, more patients will be managed in the particular department which indirectly increase the number of admissions.

Recommendations : Recommendations In for improvement in the discharge process Discharges should be planned by doctors 48hrs in advance to avoid same day preparation of summary and hurdles on same day of discharge and make discharge smooth. Same day diagnostic examinations of planned discharges should be avoided as far as possible. In the day of discharge order of echo , X-ray .CT SCAN or lab test should be avoided this causes delay in the discharge process