Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Patient’s Rights; Responsibilities; Employee Awareness; NABH Guidelines

Objective : ï‚· To assess the staff awareness levels of patient rights and responsibilities. ï‚· To find out the reasons of unfamiliarity of staff towards the patient rights. ï‚· To give recommendations regarding the training program to increase the awareness level.

Background : The study involved the assessment for patient’s rights and responsibilities as awareness for these is an essential part of patient care activities. As a part of NABH guidelines, it is important for the hospital staff to be well aware about the patient’s rights and responsibilities as this would indirectly relate with providing quality care, hence, patient satisfaction level would also be affected.

Methodology : • Study type - Analytical Cross Sectional Study • Area of study- Global Hospital, Hyderabad • Study period- 2 months • Data Collection method: Data was collected from employees through structured questionnaire • Type of Data- Primary data from employees (clinical, support, utility) • Sampling Technique- Purposive Simple Random Sampling

Findings : The data was analyzed in MS Excel by categorizing staff into clinical, support and utility staff. Bar graphs were used for showing the difference in awareness levels amongst different categories. The utility staff was found to be least aware of certain patient’s rights and responsibilities as compared to clinical and support staff. The awareness levels were 63% in utility staff, 73% in support staff and 84% in clinical staff.

Recommendations : The staff involved in direct patient care i.e. the clinical staff was aware of almost all the rights and responsibilities of the patient as per NABH Standards. Less awareness was found in utility staff probably due to low literacy level and no direct relation with providing patient care. Training should be focused more on utility staff.