Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Quality Assurance; National Quality Assurance Program;

Objective : To assess the quality assurance level of Civil Hospital, Ferozepur against National Quality Assurance Standards.

Background : Quality Assurance is a process involving assessment leading to improving, followed by further assessment and improvement. It is to objectively and systematically monitor and evaluate services offered to clients in accordance with pre-established standards and to resolve identified problems and pursue opportunities for improving services, leading to client satisfaction, services that the client views as good, desirable and of high quality. It is comprehensive and multifaceted concept that measures how well client’s expectations and provider’s technical standards are being met.

Methodology : A baseline study to assess the quality of Civil Hospital, Ferozepur against National Quality Assurance Standards. Data Analysis: Analysis of data was done using MS- Excel

Findings : The Quality assurance assessment of Civil Hospital, Ferozepur yielded a score of 56 percent, which is quite lagging behind the government’s target of a score above 70 percent. If we observe the results, we find that blood bank scores highest with 69 percent and general administration scores lowest with 44 percent. Talking about the Areas of Concern, the facility scored really high in service provision in contrast to Quality Management and Outcome. The hospital score by taking average of each area of concerns of all departments was found to be 53%

Recommendations : Quality in public health is relatively a newer concept in public health and the results and effectiveness of these set standards will only be seen in the long term. The hospital needs to work a lot in the area of Quality Management to reach to the set benchmark of 70% and above. Continuous efforts can definitely lead to achievement of this mark but the major challenge will be to sustain this score over a long period even in the absence of any external assessment.