Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Consumer Perception; Medium Scale Hospital; Marketing Tools; Healthcare Delivery Services

Objective : 1. To study the perception of key stakeholders about the hospital brand image. 2. To design and develop the marketing tool for promotion of hospital’s brand.

Background : In 21st century, Indian free market economy has seen private organizations working in hospital and health sector, facing a tough competition in metropolitan cities as many service providers are offering similar care at competitive prices. In India, particularly private sector plays an important role in the country’s healthcare segment with its share of 68% in spending. During these times, having a marketing strategy, focused on an organization’s strengths can provide a crucial edge over the other market players. Marketing helps in communicating one’s core strengths to its targeted consumers which creates a benchmark for evaluating other competitors. Thus, it is immensely important to market only the strengths which provide the organization competitive edge.

Methodology : The descriptive study has been conducted for a medium scale hospital, so as to device promotional tools which can capture the organization’s strengths and provide them competitive edge using primary data. It involved interviewing the top-level management, who eagerly provided the clear idea of the hospital’s fundamental belief and its core strengths. These aspects were then measured with convenient sampling using likert scale and compared to the perception of other stakeholders like its employees and external customers such as referring doctors and patients. Similarly, the closest competitors were recognized and evaluated on the same variables so as to understand the marketable attribute.

Findings : 1. “Trust of the hospital” and “low cost service delivery” was judged as most marketable attributes for the hospital in consideration. 2. With most of the patients not well learnt, the marketing tools must be bilingual for easy understanding. 3. Staff needs to be trained to be more professional and courteous. Special training is required for them on their customer handling strategy and professional grooming. 4. The organization is required to make customers visiting OPD, aware about the scope of services and technological capabilities of the hospital.

Recommendations : The hospital must market themselves using “trust in the hospital” & “low cost service delivery” as its core marketable strengths. This market study has been analyzed and evaluated to design a set of promotional tools like videos, pamphlets and ID cards. These tools are to be actively used for marketing the services and core belief of the hospital which should improve the consumer’s belief in brand and eventually increase the volumes thus increasing the revenue.