Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Patient Satisfaction, NABH Guidelines, Health Services

Objective : 1) To assess the satisfaction of patients. 2) To identify the areas with low satisfaction levels. 3) To provide suggestions for enhancing patient satisfaction

Background : To provide patient-centered care creating a culture that accepts people for, who they are and where, they are in life cycle, by meeting their needs at that point, with the health system’s mission to care for the body, mind and spirit of patients. Patients are the foundation of our medical practice, it is very obvious that they must be satisfied while in or out of the Hospital. Patient satisfaction is as important as other clinical health measures and is a primary means of measuring the effectiveness of health care delivery. The current competitive environment has forced health care organizations to focus on patient satisfaction as a way to gain and maintain market share. If you don’t know what your strengths and weaknesses are, you can’t compete effectively. The data gathered through measuring patient satisfaction reflects care delivered by hospital as a whole and can serve as a tool in decision-making.

Methodology : The present study used a descriptive cross-sectional research design with the objective to assess patient satisfaction at PD Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai. A total of 350 patients were selected using non-probability convenient sampling from OPD, IPD AND IVF department of Hinduja hospital, Mumbai. Three standard hospital questionnaires were used. The respondents were asked to rate the attributes based on quality of service they received from the hospital at various departments over a scale of 5 i.e. very good, good, fair, poor and very poor. As per NABH guidelines an index score of 5 was used to calculate the mean scores of all attributes.

Findings : Attention needs to be paid on the behaviour of counter and support staff towards patients (3.45) in IVF department, delay in discharge process (4.03) in IPD department and waiting time for consulting doctors (3.67) at OPD. These are areas to improve on the satisfaction level among patients. Over all the patients coming to Hinduja Hospital are satisfied and happy with the kind of service being provided to them and would recommend other patients to come for their treatment to this prestigious hospital