Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Higher Attrition Rate; Recruitment Process; Human Resource; Standard Hiring Process

Objective : To identify the factors responsible for attrition and measures to reduce higher attrition rate at Apollo diagnostics. To understand the existing hiring process and prepare standard hiring process for Apollo diagnostics. To prepare joining booklet layout for new employees at Apollo diagnostics.

Background : Attrition is reduction in number of employees through retirement, resignation or death. Attrition rate is the shrinkage in size or number of employees. Hiring process involves the recruitment and selection process. The purpose of the study is to identify the measures to reduce higher attrition rate and streamlining the hiring process at Apollo diagnostics.

Methodology : Study was conducted at Apollo diagnostics, Hyderabad for the period of 3 months and method used was descriptive cross-sectional study and observational study. The study was conducted in following ways: For the study of attrition rate - Primary data- 34 ex- employees were telephonically interviewed to analyze the reason of attrition through unstructured interview. Secondary data- Exit feedback data was taken from HR records. Comparison of primary and secondary data was done to identify the reason of attrition. To streamline the hiring process – 23 employees were interviewed to find out their views on the present hiring process being followed at Apollo diagnostics.

Recommendations : Review and counseling meetings should be there with staff, before they take step to leave the company. MRF should be uploaded on portal and can be accessed by all departments, hiring personnel and HR. Requisition should be raised 40 days before the launch of the PCC. Preparation of stickers having mail ids where candidate can apply should stick on PCC to get data bank of candidates for improving source of recruitment. Also, tie ups with MLT institutes would help in getting phlebotomist and technicians. Pay roll system, attendance management should be software based processes. As induction program is not possible, joining booklet should be prepared consist of all the details and ESI, PF forms dummy.