Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Diabetes Mellitus; Market Strategy; Awareness Level

Objective : 1) To determine and compare the level of awareness regarding Diabetes Mellitus among patients visiting Thumbay Hospital Ajman. 2) To utilize this information to suggest inputs to the marketing department.

Methodology : Qualitative research design Primary Research: Primary research was done by questionnaire method. Open and close ended questionnaire was designed in a manner so as to gain maximum relevant information from respondent. The questionnaire is attached at the end of this report for reader reference. Data has been collected from the internal medicine department. Study Population: Patients visiting internal medicine Department of Thumbay hospital, Ajman Survey: Survey was carried out though personal interview Analysis & Interpretation: Data is collected through questionnaire and is analyzed in Microsoft Excel. Categorization is done on the basis of gender (male/female). 21 The complete population is categorized on the basis of demographic variables. Categorization is done on the basis of gender (male & female), age.

Findings : Awareness Levels Regarding Diabetes Among Men & Women ï‚· After careful analysis, it was found that 76% men and 68% women had reasonable awareness about Diabetes and its side effects. ï‚· Male and female diabetics are about equally unaware of basic dietary plan and misconceptions, only 60.4% male and 60% female diabetic respondents were aware of the facts, ï‚· It was also observed that more than 65% of respondents in their study had misconceptions about diet. ï‚· Awareness regarding the disease, risk factors, symptoms and complications were 70.1, 64.4, 81.8 and 49.7% respectively ï‚· People able to check plasma glucose levels by themselves were approx.56.5% People who had received previous Diabetes education were approx.52.6%