Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Utilization; Imaging Modalities; Utilization Coefficient; Radiology Department

Objective : To study the utilization of various modalities (X-ray, CT, MRI and USG) in radiology department so as to calculate the utilization coefficient of the modalities. To identify the factors related to underutilization of modalities in radiology department To compare the target vs actual revenue generation for the underutilized radiology equipment’s

Background : Modern medical technology has contributed immensely in improving the quality of healthcare and the state of health profile of nations. The introduction of state of the art technology has resulted in metamorphic changes in diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in patient care activities. This has led to the enhancement of quality of life and decreased mortality and morbidity rates. However, these technologies are very costly.

Methodology : The study design of present study was analytical in nature. Data was collected for the duration of two months i.e February to March 2016 through direct observation and from HIS (care works). Utilization coefficient of various modalities (X-ray, MRI, CT and USG) were calculated. The utilization trend for the underutilized modalities was then studied so as to know the fluctuations in the utilization coefficient of those modalities. In order to study the utilization trend, data for the last one year (2015) was taken. Moreover, to identify the factors related to the underutilization of the equipment’s, perception based analysis was done in which questionnaire was prepared to ask the staff of the radiology department for the same. As per the secondary research, following were the factors: breakdown of equipment’s, low number of patients, untrained human resources, higher rates, lack of awareness for other specialties among public.

Findings : Refer to the utilization coefficient of 50 per cent or above as benchmark, it was found that all the X-Ray machines have the maximum utilization co-efficient ranging from 73 per cent to 94 per cent whereas, for USG machine only one machine i.e HD6 showed the utilization coefficient of 59 per cent. Other P5 machines showed underutilization at the rate of 23 per cent. MRI and CT scan were also utilized lesser than the average (43 per cent and 29 per cent respectively). It was found that increasing competition (36 per cent) was one of the main reasons followed by higher price (24 per cent) as compared to other hospitals and untrained human resources (20 per cent), whereas as breakdown of equipment’s (12 per cent) and lack of awareness for other specialties among public (8 per cent) contributed very less for the same.

Recommendations : Optimal utilization was for X-ray, and USG HD6, whereas, MRI, CT and USG P5 were underutilized (less than 50 per cent of utilization coefficient). Therefore, there is a need of increasing the efficiency in radiology department of Shalby hospital, Ahmedabad.