Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Patient Engagement, Patient Partnership, Healthcare; Quality of Health care;

Objective : • To understand the role of patient engagement in quality of care and how it affects health outcomes in Canadian healthcare system. • To understand how patient engagement can be adapted to Indian healthcare system.

Background : Paternalistic healthcare approaches have gradually given way to patient-oriented approaches that take into account patients’ differences, values, and experiences. Healthcare organizations, institutions, and universities around the world are increasing their efforts to involve patients and make their participation active using different forms of engagement. With the emphasis on patient centred care and improvement of quality of care the potential of patient engagement as a means to improve quality of care is a major area of interest for policy makers in India.

Methodology : This qualitative case study was conducted across healthcare organizations in Canada at the federal, provincial (Quebec) and other province of Canada during April’17-July’17. An exploratory review of existing guidelines, norms and policies related to patient engagement in Canadian healthcare system was undertaken to understand the process at a policy level. Following purposive sampling, in-depth interviews of eleven stakeholders in patient engagement process were conducted to understand the various models of patient engagement and describe the process as well as the contribution of patient engagement in quality of care. A qualitative analysis of the comments and knowledge built from the interviews was undertaken to summarize steps that can be taken to adapt patient engagement as a practice to India.

Findings : Patient engagement has been a significant contributor to enhancing the quality of care and patient safety practices in Canadian healthcare system. Bringing similar models to Indian healthcare system comes with challenges but adapting to the local environment and constructing models and frameworks that succeed in pilot projects could potentially lead to improvement in quality of care, patient safety and ultimately the health outcomes.