Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : EMR Adoption Model; EMR Adoption; EMR Implementation

Objective : • To identify the current scenario of EMR adoption and its stages (EMRAM Model) in hospitals of Bangalore in India. • To identify the barriers in EMR implementation and adoption by the hospitals. • To identify the ways to overcome these barriers.

Background : According to Healthcare information and management system Society (HIMSS), an EMR is a part of an electronic health record which belongs to the healthcare provider. “The EMR is a set of applications and workflow tools that digitizes the creation, collection, storage and management of patient information within the confines of a single organization.” Adoption is the process that “involves the multitude of activities, decisions and evaluations that encompass the broad effort to successfully integrate an innovation into the functional structure of a formal organization.” An adoption model explains the complex process in a simple manner.

Methodology : The study was carried out in 14 health care facilities of Bangalore. • STUDY DESIGN: Cross Sectional Descriptive study. • TOOLS FOR STUDY: Semi structured questionnaire. In depth interviews. • SAMPLING TECHNIQUE: Purposive sampling. • SAMPLE SIZE: Private Hospitals=11 Not for profit Hospitals=3 Total respondents=150 from all the 14 hospitals. Doctors = 44 Nurses= 55 Admin staff= 51 • Exclusion criteria: Those hospitals which refused to co-operate and share information.

Recommendations : • As per the survey out of 11 private hospitals 1 hospital is in stage 5, 3 hospitals are in stage 4, 2 hospitals are in stage 3 and 5 hospitals are in stage 2 whereas out of 3 Not for profit hospitals 2 are in stage 3 and 1 is in stage 2. • By this study, it can be concluded that EMR adoption is gaining in India. • According to the survey the major inhibitors are High cost of implementation Technical limitations Patient privacy and security concerns • The major suggestions as per the survey are Trainings to improve knowledge Creating awareness of using EMR Flexible EMR design