Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : ESI Scheme; ESI benefits Awareness; Employees Awareness; Employee State Insurance

Background : The study discusses about the awareness, a use and satisfaction of Employees’ State Insurance(ESI) services among the employees of a tertiary care hospital. All the permanent staff, who had ESIC, were considered for this study. Therefore, the sample size for the study is 150. The sampling of study was purposive. The study is a cross sectional, exploratory study. A self-prepared tool was used to collect data for this study. The tool was prepared in consultation with the mentor of the hospital. The instrument used to collect the data was semi-structured questionnaire having open and close ended questions. Univariate analysis was carried out to show the results. The results are being presented with the help of tables and graphs. The analysis shows that nearly two-fifths (40 percent) of the respondents were fully aware about ESIC. More than half (53 percent) were partially aware, whereas around seven percent of the respondents were not aware about ESIC. Out of 140 respondents 110 were aware about the medical benefits covered under the ESI Scheme. Further, the analysis suggests that amongst 140 respondents, 98 were aware about the sickness benefits covered under the ESI Scheme. It was observed from the analysis that 68 employees were aware about the maternity benefits under ESIC. In addition, the analysis suggests out of 140 respondents, 126 were aware about the disablement benefits covered under the ESI Scheme. Hundred nineteen respondents amongst 140 were aware about the dependents benefits in ESI Scheme. Additionally, analysis suggests that out of 140 respondents’ 77 percent availed medical benefit and 62 percent availed sickness benefits. Also, it emerged from the analysis that only 15 percent of the employees were fully satisfied with ESIC. Another two-thirds (65 percent) were partially satisfied. Communication of benefits by employer to employees is done only as formality and not considering the real interest of employees. Most of the workers were not satisfied with the benefits since they were not aware how to avail such benefits. Some of the workers have availed Medical Benefits and some workers were new so they did not face any necessity to use any of the benefits under ESI. Most of the workers mentioned that the benefits were not easily available to them since there were many process related issues in between and it was time taking. Most of the workers were not aware that Sickness Benefit is extendable up to two years in case of long term diseases. Sixty percent of the employees were not aware of all the benefits covered under ESI Act. Suggestions are also made for the improvement in the use of ESI Scheme.