Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Health Seeking Behaviour; Geriatric Population; Rural Area; Elderly Population

Objective : The aim of the study is to understand the health seeking behaviour of elderly population in this area. Setting and design: A cross sectional descriptive study on Geriatric population aged 60 years and more living in rural area in Kutch district of Gujarat.

Background : Elderly population is increasing day by day. In India the proportion of the population aged 60 years and above was 7 per cent in 2009 and was projected to increase to 20 per cent by the year 2050. With rapid increase in elderly population accompanied by a decline in physical and psychological functions in the age group. Majority of problems that occurs older persons are the result of priorities, policies and practices of the society. Ageing is mainly associated with social isolation, poverty, apparent reduction in family support, mental problem, dependency towards end of life and so on.

Methodology : Materials & methods: The present study was carried out on geriatric population health seeking behaviour from February to April 2017) in Kutch District. 100 beneficiaries out of that 58 male and 42 females were selected Purposively as per the convenience. Semi structured interview questionnaire was used for data collection. Statistical Analysis Used: Interpretation of data was done by using excel.

Findings : Hundred people including 58% male and 42% females were interviewed 40 % lying between the age group of 60-69, 37% in the age group of 70-79. In term of educational status 36 % people are illiterate. Almost 50% people are currently married and living in joint family. 82 % people doing some sort of work in the family. In last 6 months only 46% of people are fallen ill out of these 72% are taking action. Most of them went to public health clinics for treatment; 28% people not taking any corrective action because of lack of money to went in public health facility. The majority 70% had been suffered by musculoskeletal problem, 65 % patient facing Hypertension, 58 % patients facing hearing problem ,56 % respondent facing vision problem and 30 % people facing other problem like TB, oral cancer, urinary problem, digestive problem, mental problem etc. Last 6 months only 28% people are admitted in hospital and out of these respondents 79 % says they are receiving all lab facilities and medicine properly. 57 % of the study population went once health check up in a three month or more time period.

Recommendations :Conclusion: overall health seeking behaviour of elderly population of Kutch district is satisfactory. People are not at all satisfied with the government health care facilities they only went in public health clinics for minor screening. The study points out the need to formulate policies that will target on the health needs of the elderly. Proper IEC activity should be done on Village wise and weekly screening camp will established