Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Home Healthcare; NPS Calculation; NPS C-SAT; Net Promoter Score

Objective : Evaluate the NPS C – SAT score city wise, account wise and service wise Research Question: What is the association between NPS & growth of the company?

Background : Home Social insurance administrations are given by human services experts to patients at their own particular homes. These administrations are additionally called formal or gifted care administrations. Respiratory treatment, recovery administrations, home implantation treatment, incompetent home care, telehealth, and so forth are some real home Social insurance administration gives. The move from regular treatment to proactive observing is opening up new doors in the home Social insurance showcase. Portea gives doctor's facility quality social insurance in the solace of patient's home. Portea give specialists, attendants, and physiotherapists for home visits who have passed our thorough enlisting principles and have had their experiences and therapeutic information confirmed by senior specialists. It encourages lab tests at home and restorative hardware rentals, making human services more available for patients. Portea Medicinal's clinical methods were produced in meeting with driving home human service experts in the Assembled States, guaranteeing that they get just the most astounding quality restorative care; the majority of our specialists are individuals from global therapeutic accreditation bodies. Accordingly, by utilizing the administrations, the patients can remain in their homes longer, spare cash, and have genuine feelings of services.

Methodology : Study type – Cross -sectional analytical Study Duration – February, March and April Sampling type – Convenience Sampling Sample selection – Patients across Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, NCR, Bangalore, Indore and Kolkata Data collection procedure – Various channels were used via Quality call, Call (Customer engagement team), SMS, Cloud Cherry – Platform, E-Mail and Clinician App Data Analysis: Data collected would be analyzed using MS excel

Recommendations : Customers are surveyed on questionnaire. They are asked to rate on an 11-point scale the likelihood of recommending the company or brand to a friend or colleague.On a scale of 0 to 10, they will recommend the company’s product or service to a friend, family or a colleague. Based on rating, customers are then classified in 3 categories: detractors, passives and promoters. This report provides the overall NPS and C-SAT score citywise,Key Account wise and Service offered wise and is calculated via different channels like QUALITY CALL, CALL (CET) ,SMS ,Cloud Cherry- Platform ,E-MAIL and CLINICIAN App .