Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Patient Satisfaction; Home Health Care; Home Healthcare Industry; Customer Satisfaction

Objective : The objectives of the study were to: (i) study the degree of satisfaction of patients with Doctor services at Portea; (ii) study the factors affecting patient satisfaction at Portea; and (iii) suggest measures leading to better patient satisfaction if required.

Background : Researchers of health services have approved patient satisfaction as the key outcome indicator of treatment quality. The extent of doctor’s success and competency in service provision is known to be indicated by the patient satisfaction of the Doctors interaction with patients. It is very well known that a company exists because of its customers. Theodore Levitt stated, “The purpose of a business is to create and keep customers”, still it is observed that very less time is spent in measuring the satisfaction of our customers. Analyzing customer satisfaction of a service help not only helps to keep up with the Patient loyalty but also gives the organization valuable insight on how to attract new patients. This document examines few of the most effective business practices in creating/ sustaining a comprehensive customer satisfaction program.

Methodology : The study is cross sectional and descriptive in nature, conducted mainly in Bangalore during February-April, 2017. The interview schedule was prepared about the Portea Doctor Visits using Likert scale. The data was collected through e-mail, Portea App and telephonic calls from 117 Portea patients.

Findings : It was found that majority of Portea patients taking doctor visits doctors were niether satisfied nor dissatisfied with the doctor services provided . The average rating of customer satisfaction five parameters: appointment booking experience of patient (3.5); availability of slot (3.4); reliability and punctuality of clinician (3.7); improvement in the medical condition of patient (3.1); and customer support experience of patient (3.3). An avegare of satisfaction was found 3.7 (satisfied). In terms of NPS, Portea has achieved an average score of 60 per cent. The actors affecting the patient satisfaction found were: lack of availability of clinicians; punctuality of clinicians; lack of training; and lack of clinical knowledge.

Recommendations : Portea Medical has succeeded in creating a culture where rendering quality patient services is its main strategic goal. The organization has put in its concentrated efforts to pay attention to the patient’s need or privacy, compassion and information related to his or her Doctor visit. The Customer support department works in the area of problem identification and problem-showing ensuring the patient to be life time value for Portea Medical thereby enhancing patient experience and sustaining patient loyalty on the long term basis.