Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : KAP; Knowledge Perception and Attitude; Patient; Home Healthcare

Background : Palliative care is an emerging field, which has the potential to positively affect the patient for a long time. One of the main objectives of health care is to ensure that the patient, the elderly and people with disabilities have access to quality interactive, personal care and mercy. Home care is designed to meet the needs of an individual and provide the comfort of home. The advantage of the first home health care is to allow the patient to receive personal care and personal assistance at home. For aging individuals and home bound home facilitates the ability to remain functional and independent as possible, which gives a greater sense of security and dignity. Access to home care helps reduce transmittances necessary hospital, and studies have shown that patients who are recovering from illness, injury or surgery quickly and successfully recover the restored home versus clinic. Family members often serve as the primary care of their loved ones, the sick, elderly. Home Health provides assistance needed to care for a family, allowing them to recover their lives and find a lot of quality at home. In addition, in home care, families may not be the primary caregivers, they have the advantage of knowing that their loved ones in the comfort of their career at home, personal care and kindness received. India is ready for a change. As part of the unorganized and fragmented organized, technology-leading level of industry and order, it quickly to the attention of business and finance and is still found in normal thinking, beliefs and attitudes of physicians and patients, especially those that are not subjected to such services, it was a great obstacle to the acceptance of the health care system at home.

Methodology : A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study was conducted for 3 months in Key Accounts settings of Portea Home Health Care on 80 Patients who were recommended for HHC but had not opted for the same before. The Data was collected through a Questionnaire which had Knowledge, Perception and Attitude sections comprising of Quality, Ease and Treatment Compliance, Cost, Safety and Trust

Findings : • Though the knowledge regarding HHC is fair but the same is not reflected in the way the Patients perceive HHC. • The Perception scores gets reduced to half as compared to Knowledge. • Attitude scores do reflect the low perception scores.

Recommendations : Though Knowledge towards the HHC is fair, the same is not reflected in Perception. As a result of which the attitude towards Adoption of Home Health Care is dismal. The way HHC should approach the General Population has to be changed. Though the HHC concept is very much effective in many aspects over hospital care but to make the Patient understand the same is equally important if this has to succeed.