Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakaram; RBSK; District Early Intervention Centre; Gap Analysis

Objective : To analyze the gaps related to infrastructure, staff and equipment as per DEIC operational guidelines. To determine the job experience and satisfaction level of employees working in DEIC Indore.

Background : Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) is a newly launched programme under NRHM, under which screening of 0 to 18-year children is done and the DEIC promptly responds and manages all issues related 4Ds.

Methodology : A proforma for facility survey for District Early Intervention Centre, Indore on the basis of DEIC operational guidelines was prepared to determine the status of infrastructure, staffing and equipment’s. Face to face discussions and record review was administered to seek information on equipment. A Semi Structured Questionnaire was prepared to determine the job satisfaction and experience of employees working in District Early Intervention Centre.

Findings : The results determine that the manpower present in DEIC includes dentist, medical officer, physiotherapist, lab technician, dental technician, manager and data entry operator and the equipment present in DEIC are not available properly. The physical infrastructure had some gaps related to cleanliness, availability of display boards, laboratory facility, water supply, sewerage disposal and waste disposal. DEIC Indore is lags in manpower, equipment and physical infrastructure.

Recommendations : Based on the observations made, the following are the recommendations of the present study: Recruitment of drop out and vacant staff posts to be filled at the earliest. There should be a provision of availability of equipment and infrastructure gaps as per requirement must be fulfilled. The employees must get sufficient help from their colleagues, seniors and higher authorities so that they get motivated and satisfied from their job. The employees facing problem related in DEIC must be solved as soon as possible so that proper functioning of DEIC must be there.

DEIC of Indore district is deficient in staff, equipment’s and infrastructure. The physical infrastructure of DEIC includes loopholes in maintenance of DEIC i.e. cleanliness, sewerage, water supply etc. Based on job experience and satisfaction most of the employees think that they get help and support from their colleagues as well as from seniors and higher authorities whenever needed. The employees of DEIC face problem in performing their job.