Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Infant Death; Infant Mortality Rate; Neonatal Death

Objective : • To evaluate the causes of infant death • To analyze other than biological determinants which attribute to infant death

Background : It is estimated that approximately 26 million children are born every year as per census 2011. Infant Mortality Rate is one of the most sensitive and reliable indicators of the health status of a defined geographical area. The study was conducted in district Mahisagar in the state of Gujrat for a period of 3 months and the study involved a population of 185 and was conducted in Lunawada, Santrampur, Balasinor, Khanpur and Kadana blocks of Mahisagar district. The study suggests that 37.66 percent of deaths occur within 48hrs of birth, 55.23 percent of deaths occur within 7 days of birth and 71.97 percent of deaths occur within 28 days of birth out of total infant deaths in a year. The major cause of neonatal death is found to be: Premature birth and low birth weight, Asphyxia, Infections such as Pneumonia, septicemia and umbilical cord infection.

Methodology : • Study type: Descriptive Cross-sectional and quantitative study. • Study Site: This study has been conducted in the Mahisagar district of Gujarat in five blocks of the district namely, Lunawada, Khanpur, Kadana, Balasinor, and Santrampur. • Sampling Technique: Purposive sampling • Sample size: 185 • Duration of study: 3 months (5 February 2018 to 4 April 2018) • Study tool: In-depth interview, verbal autopsy form • Study technique: Interpersonal interview, structured questionnaire • Participatory factor: 50 in-depth interviews with relatives of descendant. • Data Collection: Qualitative and quantitative data collection Primary data collection: From of verbal Autopsy forms and qualitative data collected from an in-depth interview with relative of descendant. Secondary data collection: HMIS and E–Mamta

Findings : 96 percent of deliveries are done in a hospital either private or government. 3 percent of deliveries happened on the way to hospital, one percent at home and one percent in 108 Ambulance.10 percent of the respondents in the deceased’s family were illiterate, 19 percent were educated up to 5th standard, 11 percent were educated more than 5th standard and 60 percent of the respondents had completed their education till 10th standard. Among all infants died three percent of the families belonged to the General category, three percent were SC/ST category, 94 percent belonged to OBC category. Among all deaths, 49 percent were females and 51 percent males. 89.52 percent were Hindus and 10.48 belonged to other religion.