Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Patient Satisfaction; IPD; Healthcare Services; Hospital Support Services

Objective : General - To determine the patient experience in the In-patient department by developing a patient experience scorecard after evaluating the collected feedback forms of a tertiary care hospital. Specific • To measure the level of experience with medical and nursing services. • To measure the level of experience with support services of the hospital namely diet and nutrition, housekeeping, food and beverage, and security • To recommend strategies for improving the level of patient experience and services of the IPD.

Background : The Issue of patient/customer satisfaction has gained increasing attention from executives across the healthcare industry. One of the primary challenges has been in sustaining patient/customer satisfaction improvement initiative in the face of competing priorities and diminishing resources. District Government Hospital is an organization that has made the issue of improving patient/customer satisfaction one of its top priorities. The intangible human values such as care, co-operation, compassion along with the tangible medical services are vital to satisfy the needs of the patient and have the most powerful effect in terms of patient satisfaction during a hospital stay at D.H. Jamkhambhaliya.

Methodology : • STUDY DESIGN – Descriptive Cross-sectional • STUDY AREA – In-Patient Department of District Hospital Jamkhambhaliya • STUDY PERIOD- 5th February- 5th May 2017. • STUDY POPULATION – Patients admitted in the In-patient Department. • SAMPLE SIZE –200 patients in IPD (taking 95% as a confidence interval) • SAMPLING METHOD – Non-probability convenience sampling • DATA COLLECTION – Observation and Interview method • DATA ANALYSIS – Using Microsoft Excel.

Findings : 44% of people were highly satisfied & 56% were satisfied with the behavior of the D.H. team. This represents that people are happy with the services provided.

Recommendations : The organization has put in its concentrated efforts to pay attention to the patient’s need or privacy, compassion and information related to his or her hospital visit. The patient welfare department works in the area of problem identification and problem-showing ensuring the patient to be an integral part of this hospital thereby enhancing patient experience and sustaining patient loyalty on a long-term basis