Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Process flow; Drop-off; Conversion Rate, CRM; Operation; e-Healthcare Services; Credihealth

Objective : General Objective: To improve the complete experience of customers in Credihealth by restructuring the process flow for providing the healthcare services. Specific Objectives • To analyze the conversion rates in the process flow for all the operable Credihealth cities. • To analyze the drop-offs in the process flow for all the operable Credihealth cities. • To suggest valuable propositions to the organization based on the findings of the study.

Methodology : • Study type- Observational study • Study Area- “Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Jaipur, Ranchi, Indore and Pune.” • Study Period- 3 months ((February- April 2018) • Sample Size- Approx. 70 employees • Study Respondents- Medical operations team, business development team • Sample method- Cluster Sampling Method • Data type- Primary data • Data Collection Tool- “Structured Process through CRM Technology (Website, Android app, telephonic, Google search, social media campaign leads)” • Data Collection Technique- Real-Time data tracking • Limitation in Data Collection: 1. Missed CRM requests 2. Non-responding Users 3. Untracked CRM Request” • Data Analysis- The data analysis will be done in MS Excel.

Findings : The results will analyze the following: - Current process flow - Conversion rates - Drop-offs leading to low conversion rates.

Recommendations : The study was mainly focused on improving the process flow of the medical assistance provided by the organization to patients and their families by: 1. Collaborative work with different squads such as Medical operations, Digital Marketing, Product Managing team, and Business development team. 2. Understanding the needs of patients required before, during and after the treatment. 3. Identifying and studying the problem areas and providing a more holistic approach by endorsing possible solutions.