Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Electronic Medical Records; Medical Records System; Satisfaction Level

Objective : 1. To study the workflow of Med-Mantra. 2. To assess the satisfaction level of the doctors using electronic medical record system.

Methodology : 1. Study Location: Out Patient Department (OPD) of Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. 2. Study Population: Doctor in Out Patient Department (OPD) of Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. 3. Study Design: Cross-sectional (Descriptive Study). 4. Study Duration: 3 Months. 5. Sampling Technique: Purposive sampling 6. Sample size: 100 (minimum). 7. Data Collection 1) Data collection tool: • Checklist – on the basis of observation and interview with OPD consultants and staff. 2) Data collection method: • Reviewing of MED-MANTRA manual, Policies, Digital Network Apollo (DNA). • Interactions with the hospital’s staff and consultants

Findings : The study shows that 55% of doctors agree that EMR System screen layouts are acceptable. 46% of doctors agree that EMR System is easy to use or user-friendly whereas 30% has denied. 42% of doctors satisfied with the layout of the printed prescription. 57% of doctors satisfied with EMR System

Recommendations : Electronic health record is a generalized collection of patient data electronically and stored in a digital form. The initial monitoring has shown positive growth chart wherein satisfaction rate in terms of accepting the application as user-friendliness and ease to use is being rated. The strategy to move from volume to value and ability to bear risk on all fronts is being calculated on a timely basis. Stating so conclude the initiatives taken by Apollo to move towards digitization and make it a better patient welfare organization, all efforts are being maximized to move toward one goal.