Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Medical Equipment; Purchase Planning; Process Mapping; Equipment Purchase Planning

Objective : To assess the process mapping of purchasing of medical equipment and the barriers associated with it. • To give a recommendation accordingly for the equipment purchase process.

Background : Hospital is a combination of various things like medical equipment, tools, medical instruments and many more. “In the field of hospitals, the medical equipment plays a vital role in diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of different kinds of a medical condition. Hospital equipment nowadays is technically advanced but very expensive and the problem arises when it comes to allocating the available funds and setting priorities. Good equipment planning includes careful attention to fixed and movable equipment that will be needed in operations. “It is the responsibility of the hospital administrator to determine all the items of equipment necessary and write their specification, recommended tender & purchase according to hospitals policy. In the government, procurement method occurs in three distinctive ways like emergency purchase, local purchase and GMSCL through purchase.in government

Methodology : • Study design: Cross-sectional & Retrospective study • Data Source: Secondary • Duration: 5th February 2018 to 5th May 2018 • Sampling technique: Purposive sampling • Sample Size: 14 equipment (63 in Total) (Last 3-year purchase of equipment in OBG department) (Emergency purchase- 5 equipment, Local Purchase- 8 equipment, GMSCL purchase- 50 equipment) • Data collection tool: Interview with stakeholders and secondary data from records, files of particular equipment.

Findings : Emergency purchase delays observed is 47 days in which purchasing the order takes more time rather than installation. The same case was in the Local purchase and GMSCL purchase where delays were observed to be 44 days and 119 days respectively.

Recommendations : This project gives the actual scenario of the procurement of medical equipment. Each process has some bottlenecks with it. At the end to end process, the main reason for the delay is that such process didn’t follow any timing criteria associated with it but if such issues can be solved at the hospital level, then medical equipment purchase process will give the better outcome.

Rationale: In the Government hospital, there is no such process mapping of equipment purchase which creates wastage of money and the most important patient suffers due to unavailability of the equipment. Less number of equipment creates an overload on existing equipment and staff have to go to other departments for the equipment used. This kind of study gives the idea of how to improvise the purchase planning of the medical equipment.