Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : MDR-TB patients; National health mission; Madhya Pradesh; patient characteristics

Recommendations :This study investigates about selected patient characteristics of MDR-TB patients in rural areas of jhabua district, Madhya Pradesh. I adopted a cross-sectional study with a survey questionnaire, sampled 100 patients and elicited the data of 100 patients from the existing medical records of jhabua district hospital. Thereafter, the collected primary data were analyzed using MS-Excel. Findings show that (a) 90 Percent of MDR-TB Patients in the rural areas of jhabua district were illiterate. b) The most common reason for the discontinuity of Anti-tubercular therapy was feeling of recovery after initiation of anti-tubercular therapy. (c) 17 percent of MDR-TB patients didn`t receive any counseling or follow-up procedures. Recommendations are made for MDR-TB patients (a) MDR-TB Patients should be educated about taking the anti-tubercular therapy for prescribed time-period. (b) Awareness about the follow-up procedures should be increased among MDR-TB patients. (c) Awareness regarding MDR scheme should be increased. (d) MDR-TB Patients should be provided with repeated rounds of counseling by village supervisors and ASHA.