Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Handover Compliance Rate; Doctors; JCI Standards; NABH Guidelines

Objective : • A rationale for clinical handover • A determination of the standards of handover which must be delivered by an individual clinician and clinical team. • A framework for handover based on the best evidence.

Background : The project seeks to provide an in-depth understanding of the importance of handover communication of doctors as per the JCI & NABH guidelines This topic has provided a brief overview of the background of the research and the relevant literature. A short section summary the knowledge about the extent of preventable harm to patients (see Harm to patients). The following two sections describe key insights about risks posed to patient safety resulting from handover and communication failures in different care settings (see Handover as a risk to patient safety) and it includes all the specialties (see Handover and communication in emergency care).

Methodology : • STUDY DESIGN- descriptive analytical study • RESEARCH APPROACH – Quantitative • SAMPLE TECHNIQUE- convenient sampling • LOCATION –Max super specialty hospital Saket. • PRIMARY DATA – Structured checklist • SECONDARY DATA – NABH, JCI & other guidelines. • DATA COLLECTION PROCEDURE- Checklist • DATA ANALYSIS PROCEDURE: Data will be evaluated on the basis of the checklist which will be prepared then it will get noted into the excel sheet and after the evaluation of everything it will represent in the form of graphs.

Findings : After the completion of my study into the max super speciality hospital Saket, I have observed that the doctors working into the organisation are aware of the norms and importance of handover communication but at somehow they are not doing it properly because of some reasons so after evaluating all those reasons I have worked on to overcome those reasons and to train them regarding their responsibility I have also organized some training programs also and also tried to increase the manpower also & now they are trying to follow that on regular basis .

Recommendations : During this study I have observed that handover is one of the most important factor for the doctors to reduce the life risk of the people because by the help of maintaining the handover register it will be easy for the doctors to share their responsibilities among their colleagues by mentioning all the details of the patients in that particular handover format because the basic aim of this study is to transmit accurate, relevant and current details about the patients’ care, treatment, health service needs, clinical assessment monitoring, and evaluation, and goal of planning of several different challenges of treatment and it should be maintained on a daily basis to avoid the adverse events and make the doctors more responsible towards their duties and prepare an organisation according to the JCI & NABH norms and I am very thankful to my mentor Dr. Sandeep Mor & Dr. Sandesh Sharma who has topic and also helped me to get the awareness regarding the norms and guidelines of the handover communication of the doctors.