Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Turnaround Time (TAT); Report of Radiology Department; Reporting Process Flow; TAT of Report

Objective : The study aims at improving the quality of imaging services. The objectives of the study are: • To understand the reporting process flow of the Radiology Department • To calculate the TAT of reports for OPD and IPD patients after the patient goes for scan in the Radiology Department • To identify the reasons for a delay in reporting if any • To suggest the measures to improve the turnaround time of reporting

Background : It is essential that imaging departments provide the reporting of images in a timely manner to provide high quality and effective patient-centered imaging services. Measurement of the turnaround time of reports is the most commonly adopted performance metric. Rapid turnaround time of reports is important both from a medical and commercial point of view. As a part of the induction programme operations and functioning of certain departments of the hospital was observed based on which a small presentation summarizing the understanding was prepared which gave direction to the study conducted.

Methodology : The study was cross-sectional and descriptive in nature which was carried out for a period of one-month duration at the Radiology Department of EHCC, Jaipur. Data was collected through direct observation, time study and conversation with the department staff however a workflow diagram was prepared for better clarity of the reporting process. A sample of 406 reports was taken up for the study which included 175 reports of X-Ray, 130 of USG 70 of CT Scan and 31 of MRI. The main participants of the study were radiologists, patient care services staff, typists, ground duty assistants, and technicians.

Findings : About one-third of the reports were found delayed. The major delay was seen in X-Ray reporting (61%), followed by CT scan (37%). The main two reasons for the delay were identified: either doctor being busy with the report or reporting schedule running late.

Recommendations : Major delay was found in X-Ray and CT scan reporting. Further interventions and changes like human resource management, digital recording system can enhance the process and can bring down the reporting time. This will at the end can improve the overall experience of the patients visiting the department and will smoothen the functioning as well.