Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : OPD Transformation; AIMS OPD; OPD Transformation Process

Objective : The following objectives were kept in mind while conducting the study: • To determine year by year assessment of the transformation brought about by AIIMS with TCS in the year 2015 at AIIMS OPD till the year 2017 under various parameters. • To find the gaps in the implemented process with the help of analyzed data. • To provide suggestions to enhance the percentage effectiveness of the transformation brought in at AIIMS OPD.

Background : All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi was facing problems in managing the ever-increasing patient load in the Outpatient Department. As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, the Tata Consultancy Services took over the project to change the OPD appointment and consultation process and manage the patient flow at the beacon of health in the year 2015. Post implementation of the AIIMS OPD Transformation process results of the effectiveness of the process is being studied.

Methodology : The following methodology was used for performing the study: • Research Design: Descriptive Study • Period of Study: 2 months post 1 month of groundwork • Tool for Data Collection: The TCS-AIIMS technical data dashboard was used to collect the relevant management and operational data for past 3 years which could help in deriving the effectiveness of the AIIMS OPD Transformation brought about by AIIMS with TCS.

Findings : The results showed that the process change brought in the streamlining of the appointment and consultation process at AIIMS. The consultation time for the patients decreased year by year making it a lot easier for the patients to get themselves treated by the doctors. The various channels provided to the patients to book an appointment made the entire journey for the patients smoother. The concept of scanning brought in the concept of capturing the real-time data of the movement of patients within the OPD and helped in planning future changes with which this process can be more streamlined.

Recommendations : For a tertiary care government hospital to streamline the OPD consultation process is a herculean task to be done without the support and synchronization of the internal and external stakeholders. The authoritative people at the higher management should make judicious decisions which can make the experience of the patients coming to the government health facilities, satisfying. A crucial need for knowledge enhancement and awareness lies at the patients’ front to understand the health system and the concept of primary, secondary and tertiary care centers. This would automatically lead to enhanced management of patients and better quality of healthcare delivery. There lies a vision of encountering more of such beneficial Public-Private Partnerships so that the health needs of each citizen can be taken care of and the healthcare delivery be improved. Such initiatives can definitely lead us nearer to the Sustainable Development Goal of Healthcare for All.