Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : HMIS; UP HMIS Indicators; Data Quality; Supportive Supervision

Objective : To do an assessment of the quality of data on UPHMIS and HMIS by Supportive Supervision.

Background :

Methodology : Study Design: Descriptive Study Study Duration: Supportive supervision is done during a period of 3 months i.e. from February 2018 to May 2018. Study Location: Supportive Supervision is conducted in 4 Blocks of Farrukhabad District in Uttar Pradesh. The total population of Farrukhabad is 18,85,204 (22.08% population lives in the urban area) with population growth is 20.05%, sex ratio is 874 per male the avg. sex ratio in India is 940 (census 2011). Sampling: 25 high priority districts are selected by GOI through the composite score and after that, each district have 4 TSU blocks (poor performing) and which is divided according to health index by TSU. Here I have Round 4 of SS visit, Data Collection Instrument: Checklist has been prepared to collect and match the data from the facilities by state. Statistical Analysis Used: Interpretation of data was done using averages, percentage, and graphs on Microsoft Excel.

Findings : Data quality has significantly improved by supportive supervision. Validation and accuracy of data have been done to improve the data quality of HMIS/UPHMIS of Farrukhabad district. Except for Training Register, all registers were maintained and filled appropriately. Matching status of the data has increased by this method.

Recommendations : To strengthen the data quality proper validation and cross-check of the data must be done by BPM and MOIC before uploading of the data on the portal by Data Operator. Issues and problems of each and every staff member should reach MOIC and appropriate action must be taken. The major issue is because of Training data as no source documentation is available for the same.

Supportive supervision is a key determinant of service quality and performance for developing informed decision making and planning in the health system. The poor management of data and records is a huge issue in a health management setting. Uttar Pradesh has developed its own portal of HMIS called UPHMIS to improve the data quality and records availability. This study was a descriptive cross-sectional study on paper-based data records of UPHMIS/HMIS in Farrukhabad.