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Country Reports Czech Republic

  • Deepika
  • Agency : Drug Control, Czech Republic, ISO Standrads
  • Objective : The report is a descriptive analysis of Czech Republic overall environment.
  • Background : Not Available
  • Methodology : The  methodology  for  making  the  report was mainly through secondary searches from government websites, internal databases, IMS reports, journals, and others.
  • Findings : Czech is a democratic country located in central Europe with State Institute of Drug control being the main authority for the pharmaceutical products. It is a member of EU and other major international organizations and therefore abides by the rules and regulations laid by them. The ISO 9000  series  of  standards  is  being  used increasingly in the Czech Republic as evidence of high product quality.  The system of healthcare is funded from the state budget through public health insurance and healthcare is provided free of charge to all on the basis of health insurance for which they pay premiums. It has a growing pharmaceutical market with cardiovascular as the major therapeutic area.   The market is mainly dominated by generics and the local biotech companies are targeting the hidden market potential. The main advantage of Czech is low manufacturing cost and low labour cost. Although the major threats are parallel imports, the reference pricing and the health care financing the country still has lot of opportunities for business ventures.
  • Recommendations : There are many areas that are untouched or rather do not have much competition like the lifestyles related diseases, biosilimilars, veterinary etc. Further study need to be done on Czech for finding out availability of raw material, technical, manpower etc.
The report is a descriptive analysis of Czech Republic overall environmen