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Financial Analysis of NRHM Fund at District level in Government of Gujarat (Amreli)

  • Sandeep Sharma
  • Agency : NRHM, Financial Analysis, PHC, Financial Expenditure
  • Objective : To find out reasons for under utilization of NRHM Additionalities. To find out weather NRHM fund used effectively in last one quarter. To Make a strategy for effective utilization and framework for better monitoring or follow up methods.  
  • Background : This   study   was   conducted   at   Amreli District, where expenditure of NRHM fund has spent less in financial year 2008-09.
  • Methodology : This was a qualitative study and interviews were taken from the service provider, those who are participating in purchasing or record keeping process of expenditure. Sample has chosen as per PHC as an unit, when it is concern to chose FHW ,randomly selected from particular PHC, for PHC operator all were involved for knowledge analysis, and for PHC medical officer all were chosen. Three level interviews were conducted for qualitative information
  • Findings : Initially it shows the types of funds available under NRHM Additionally such as ASHA, Untied fund SC, Maintenance SC, Untied PHC, Maintenance PHC and RKS  PHC  etc.  There  were  data  shown  in  this  section which represent each fund status from 2007 to 2009, expenditure,  and  finding.  ASHA  expenditure  was  only 20%, VHSC shown enough growth 4% to 80% in two year, SC untied had spent around 60% but along side PHC maintenance has spent more than 100%, when we see RKS fund it was only 17% in 2007 increase 71% in year 2009, PHC untied fund gives negative feedback, because it was reached up to 96%, and PHC maintenance crossed the hundred boundary reached 117%, which would need to take into notice. PHC operator knowledge and skills that gives a pace to effective utilization of funds, around 70% knows about SC level funds, 80% knows about PHC level funds,  90%  know  the  Mamata  divas  &  JSY  incentive, when it comes to Register maintencnae 70% are not properly handling registers, and vouchers submission too. Amreli block has spent 40% on office equipment, Dhari spent 30% on patient welfare, babra spent 45% on patient welfare,   savarkundla   spent   30%   on   renovation   and building, rajula spent 45% on building/renovation, bagasra spent 40% on renovation, lathi spent   30% on patient welfare.
  • Recommendations :
    Prepare a Hand book  which has all government resolution for all type of schemes and for incentive, it will also include which type of activity can be done under those scheme. Training has to be   given all staff member those who reporting the expenditure, it is big lap between occurred  expenditure and reporting of the expenditure, there were more than 80% staff are from medical background there must be regular training. Lot of time when information has come from state to district level and goes throw district to block level but some time it was blocked at block level and not to go at PHC and further sub center level. There would be proper communication channel     There would be continuous monitoring of all PHC and specific heads so timely penetration can happen and things not get worse at before ending of financial year.

To find out reasons for under utilization of NRHM Additionalities. To find out weather NRHM fund used effectively in last one quarter