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Quality Assurance Janani Owned Surya Clinics in Bihar & Jharkhand

  • Komal Kumari
  • Agency : Quality Assurance, Family Planning Services, Quality of Family Planning
  • Objective : The  primary  objective  of  the  study  was  to assess the readiness of facilities to provide quality FP services & secondary objective of the study is to suggests the  steps  for  improvement  of  the  quality  of  Family Planning services provided by the 8 Surya clinics in the state of Bihar & Jharkhand.
  • Background : Not Available
  • Methodology : The study is descriptive type Data collection tool includes: Facility audit (review of infrastructure, supplies, and equipment and questions to determine service availability, staffing, gaps for provision of quality services, maintenance & completeness of records),Observation of FP (Family Planning) services at Surya Clinics (to measure adherence to all the protocols like infection control & waste disposal protocols respectively, clients providers interaction),Client exit interviews for clients avail FP service at Surya Clinics (to determine client & provider  perspective of the quality of services).
  • Findings : The  quality  of family  planning  services provided by the Surya Clinics was satisfactory felt by most of the client visited the clinic (42.6 percent highly satisfactory   &   29.8   percent   satisfactory).The   reasons behind that the clinic has all the facility with in the premises, adequate human resource 75 percent, receives method of their choice 91.5 percent, received services on time 72 percent, get accurate information regarding use of method & their side effects 91 percent, privacy during examination 97.87 percent, & above all treated with courtesy 89.4 percent by nurses & 91.5 percent by doctors.
  • Recommendations : The  quality  of  family  planning services, more attention should be focused on certain critical   aspects.   To   begin   with,   the   maintenance   of infection control (only 50 percent of clinic) & waste management protocols need to be monitored. This is to ensure safety of clients as well as providers in the clinics. There is also felt strongly that there should be mechanism for the incorporation clients’ view in the improvement of services (100 percent of clinic has no feedback mechanism).Specific indicators of quality should be identified to enable assessments of how the project has contributed to improving the quality of family planning services with more safety. Within this context, particular attention should be paid to reflect the views of the clients and the community served.
the study was to assess the readiness of facilities to provide quality FP services & secondary objective of the study is to suggests the steps for improvement of the quality of Family Planning