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Status of First Referral Units Assam

  • Deepak Kumar Kar
  • Agency : Referral Unit, RU, NRHM, First Referral Units
  • Objective : Not Available
  • Background : Assam, the largest state in the north east states of India has followed through the endeavour of the government of India and till May 2009 has officially up- graded thirty seven facilities to the status of FRU. Though after  the  inception  of  NRHM  in  2005  government  of Assam has taken initiatives for doing facility surveys of different   hospitals   to   assess   the   current   status,   this particular study to assess the status of First Referral Units is an effort first of its kind in the state focusing on the units as a whole as well as specific entities.
  • Methodology : Cross-sectional descriptive study carried in 37 designated FRUs spread in 18 districts of the state. Primary data was collected through facility check lists and unstructured interviews with staff of the facilities and Secondary data: collected from annual reports of MoHFW, Assam, individual hospital records and state MIS. Visits were paid to individual hospitals and checklists were filled in to document the status of particular hospitals and further analysis was done to present the situation of FRUs as a whole.
  • Findings : The  study  shows  gap  in  the  resource availability, rather irrational utilization of the available resources, non streamlined processes and lack of proper planning of selection and upgradation of facilities to the status of FRUs. None of the FRU out of 37, has attained the minimum score of 200.
  • Recommendations : Assessment of doctors performing MTPs and training of selected MOs on conducting safe abortion services is required. Recruitment of laboratory technicians in 4 facilities to functionalize laboratory in providing  essential  laboratory  services.Structuring guideline or an uniform mechanism of pricing and process of disbursement of the referral transport money. Training of MO/ O&G specialist in 17 hospitals on USG, paediatricians/ MOs/ O&G specialists on operations of radiant warmers and phototherapy units.