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To establish a service structure in Bangalore for facilitation of Medical Tourism

  • Varsha Saxena
  • Agency : Medical Tourism, Cashless Treatment, Service Structure
  • Objective : To establish a service structure in Bangalore for facilitation of cashless treatment of some diseases/ procedures and also to render one stop shop administrative service to foreign Medical tourist visiting India in Bangalore city.  
  • Background : Not Available
  • Methodology : The study is descriptive in nature. The data was collected from various reports and market surveys
  • Findings : The medical tourism market in India has been pegged to grow to around Rs 11, 000 CR by the next couple of years approx till 2012-13. Medical treatment in USA or Thailand. Quality health care & medical treatment in  India  at  low  cost.  Medical  tourism  has  become  a common form of vacationing, and covers a broad spectrum of medical services. Medical tourism mixes leisure, fun and relaxation together with wellness and healthcare. India has originated as one of the most important hubs for medical   toursim.   Many   people   from   the   developed countries come to India for the rejuvenation promised by yoga and Ayurvedic massage however, a nice blend of top- class medical expertise at attractive prices is helping more and  more  Indian  corporate  hospitals  to  lure  foreign patients, including patients from developed nations such as the UK and the US, for high end surgeries like Cardiac ByPass Surgery or a Knee/Hip Replacement. As more and more patients from Europe, the USA and other affluent nations with high medical costs look for effective options, healthcare tourism in India is definitely on the cards for most of them and the fast growing Indian corporate health sector is fully geared to meet that need.Vipul is planning to provide to the its international clients- Evacuation Services i.e. Medical repatriation and medical escort, Cashless Medical Service Facilitation at Network Hospitals up to limit authorized by Mission / Government / Patient / Insurer, Processing of hospital bills after completion of treatment, Cost Containment services by tariff control and negotiated settlement ,  Online assistance to Expat patients during hospitalization & monitoring,   Priority admissions in Hospitals,  Hospitals / Nursing Homes all over India , Tariff rationalization & Provider accreditation. As India has fast emerged as a desirable destination for  medical tourism. Indian private medical centres excel in all medical treatments and a large number of   foreign patients are visiting India for Orthopaedic surgery, Obesity surgery, Cosmetic surgery,  Neurosurgery, IVF and host of other treatments.
  • Recommendations : Needs  of  a  patient  travelling  to  a distant land for a task as important as healthcare are unique and must be handled by a professional and competent organization. Vipul Med Care's business model is built on these identified and defined gaps in the existing healthcare system to support patient's different needs related to the treatment overseas and fulfilling them in the most professional and compassionate manner.
To establish a service structure in Bangalore for facilitation of cashless treatment of some diseases/ procedures